What will your Chapter do in the New Year?

The Saint Sophia Cathedral Philoptochos Chapter in Los Angeles has been very busy as they begin their year with a philanthropic project that aids women and children affected by domestic violence. 

For the last two years the Philoptochos Chapter adopted the Domestic Violence Agency as one of the organizations they would help on an ongoing basis. This winter they collected brand new blankets for the Agency’s safe houses where women and children take shelter from abusive husbands, boyfriends and fathers.  The Philoptochos women either hand-made blankets or received donations of new blankets to give to the women and children living in the shelter. The staff members at the Domestic Violence Agency were overjoyed when President Virginia Noyes delivered more than 80 new blankets to them.  They invited President Noyes to attend some of their meetings and find out more about how Philoptochos can help further.

“Our work never ends as Philoptochos stewards, we continue to help those who are on hard times, sick or trying to survive on social security,” Chapter President Virginia Noyes said of the Philoptochos mission.

The new year brings with it a euphoria of hope for many, a fresh canvas for which we can paint a new picture. It is a time to reflect on ourselves and our lives and see how we can give more of ourselves to those who need our help the most. Let’s all recommit ourselves to the Philoptochos mission, giving love and hope to those who may have very little of either. What will your picture look like in 2014?

-Vivian Siempos