Guidelines for Submitting a Blog Entry

Welcome to the blogsite of the National Philoptochos Society!

Through blog entries, we want to bring together the voices of Philoptochos women from around the country. By sharing  personal observations and small stories, these entries can serve as food for thought and inspiration.

Blog entry guidelines are easy and your cooperation in following them is most appreciated! Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

·      Word limit of 350-400

·      There must be a Philoptochos connection to your entry

·      Please remember that paragraphs are your friend! One long paragraph is not a good format

·      The blog should be your observation and thoughts on the topic or story that you choose

·      Topics may be, but certainly not limited to, acts of kindness, personal observations on something that your chapter has done, a memorable Philoptochos moment, be it poignant or humorous, a Philoptochos woman who inspired you along the way, the excitement and challenges of philanthropy, fundraising and reaching a goal. There are so many possibilities out there!

·      Please include your name, city and parish name with your entry
Entries should be submitted to: