Social Media – Best Practices & Tips

As a continuation from the previous week's post defining social media and its importance in staying connected not only as a Chapter but also to National Philoptochos through the Philoptochos Facebook page, this post focuses on best practices and tips to help as you launch and develop your social media:

When creating your Facebook page or overall Social Media Strategy it is always good to start with a goal – what is the purpose of your page(s) and what are you going to accomplish. If you have an existing Facebook page, it may be to increase followers, if you are just starting out, it may be to inform members of events and meetings and encourage questions online to keep the discussion in one place.

Other goals to consider:

•    Enhance existing communication
•    Increase membership participation – give members a voice – allow for collaboration
•    New initiatives through discussion – ask questions
•    Motivate members
•    Strengthen your relationships
•    Create a larger community of supporters
•    Raise awareness of the Philoptochos mission

By creating a Facebook page for your Chapter, you will be establishing a presence where people spend most of their time. You will be able to educate your local community about your philanthropic endeavors, encourage them to participate at events or fundraisers and garner greater supporter overall.

You will have an avenue by which to connect to prospective members by giving them a way to learn about your Chapter. We live in a world where people can and do educate themselves and proactively seek out information, Google is certainly evidence of this.

Facebook offers you the ability to create event pages so that you can offer all information needed for your events, invite members and friends, spread awareness and also get a feel for how many people will be attending. If you need exact numbers or require ticket sales prior, then make that clear in the message. An event page is an efficient way to increase turn-out and build excitement leading up to the big day.

Share photos and videos of recent events or volunteer activities on your Chapter’s Facebook wall to engage your audience and show what you are doing, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Through your pictures and posts you will be telling your Chapter’s story. The list of possibilities is endless as far as how a message can be delivered but the message remains the same, the Philoptochos mission is at the heart of everything that is posted.
Some items to keep in mind as you begin, all the posts and comments on your Philoptochos Chapter page should align with the Philoptochos identity and mission. Content should add value to your members experience. Keep information relevant, timely and accurate. Comments, questions and discussions are benefits of a Facebook page. It is best to respond in a timely manner to keep the discussion going. If you encounter a negative comment and you feel comfortable commenting on your Facebook wall and believe it will benefit others, then you certainly can do that. If it is something you believe is better dealt with privately or you feel more comfortable dealing with it privately then send a private Facebook message. You are a representative of Philoptochos so everything you post directly reflects not only your own Chapter but the organization as a whole. It is important to remember that once a message is on your wall, it is owned by the audience, you must consider how your message will be perceived and know that it may be shared. Above all, have fun!

Please share your news and events, pictures and videos with me at so I may share them on the National Philoptochos page:

Below are some fabulous examples of Chapter Facebook pages:

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*A Philoptochos Linkedin page has been created, please follow and link to it. It’s another way to show you belong to this wonderful organization and a great way to let others in your network know you belong to a philanthropic non-profit that does such good works in the community, nationwide and worldwide. Here is the Philoptochos Linkedin page:

- Vivian Siempos